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Dark Clarity by InnoWave is a Cyber Security company that was setup by a specialized team of experienced professionals that share a diversity of experiences and skills. From a defensive to an offensive perspective, our services are product agnostic, and focus on helping to make the right evaluations and investments for the protection of your business truly valuable assets.
Based of proven methodologies, our approach to security establishes the trust needed to cover new aspects and realities.

We see Cybersecurity as a business enabler, not an obstacle, and this concept describes our philosophy and approach, where every action is a stepforward towards business goals.

Because no threat is the same in every client, our approach of Security as a Service is heavily focused on the business objectives in order to deal with the real risks by identifying and protecting what is important with a customized approach. Our services are not standard sized and although, we do use best of breed tools to provide the best service possible, we also always use our skills and knowhow to complement and bring real value to our clients.

InnoWave Cybersecurity Services

InnoWave’s highly qualified and experience Cybersecurity team is a business enabler and protector.
Threats are different in every client, and our Security as Service approach is focused on business objectives;
identifying the real risks and protecting what is really important .


Risk Assessment
Threat Modeling
Security Architecture / Information Audit
Penetration/ Vulnerability Testing
Secure Software Development


Risk Analysis
Security Plan


Risk Response and Mitigation
Security Operations


Managed Security Services
Managed SIEM

Security Assessment

A security assessment is performed on the identified ToE assets
in order to determine the impact of an attack.
Our service is based on industry standards like PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard)
and includes a complete security assessment cycle with the following phases:

We have the capabilities to perform several types of assessments:

External and internal networks
Network devices
Network Communication Protocols
IoT and SCADA Communication Protocols
These assessments can be focused on the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
of any of the targeted assets.

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